Our Guarantee

We guarantee everything we make

and think it’s only worth making if it will last long enough to pass on to the next generation.

That means building the highest quality bikes that can be easily maintained and repaired, year after year. It also means standing by our customers if something goes wrong with our bike or components.

If you aren’t satisfied with one of our products at the time you receive it, or if one of our products does not perform to your satisfaction, contact us and we’ll work to make it right. Products damaged due to wear and tear will be repaired or replaced at a reasonable charge.

Our promise to you +

Our promise to you +

Bikes are meant to be ridden and we expect that you will use yours to the fullest. That means riding in the rain and snow as well as the sunshine, and might (but hopefully doesn’t!) involve a crash or two. Just like a car, we design your bike to stand up to the rigors of daily use, and we will support you should anything go wrong.

That being said, bicycles are not meant to be “maintenance-free”, and do require regular servicing at home or with a local mechanic in order to perform as expected. Chains rust, hydraulic brakes need servicing, and tires wear out.

Your commitment to your gear +

Your commitment to your gear

In exchange we ask that you commit to maintaining your bike, year after year, to ensure it lasts as long as possible. We would prefer someone not buy our (or anyone else’s) bike if they intend to trash it once it’s due for a service.

1% for the planet

We give back for every purchase

We’ve pledged 1% of sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment.

Warranty FAQs

What does the "practical lifespan" really mean?

Our bikes are a collection of components mounted to a frame. Every frame and component has a practical lifespan that varies depending on it’s use and design specifications.

For our frames, this is highly dependent on road conditions, weather, loading scenarios and mileage. Issues that arise during the first 10 years of use may be covered under warranty. This includes the main structural member and fastening hardware, as well as cable steering mechanism and folding hardware.

For our components, the practical lifespan varies. Although we strive to source only high-quality components, each may wear at different rates depending on individual use. Some are considered consumable, like chains, shifter cables and housings, tires and brake pads, and can be expected to last 1-3 years before being overcome by wear and tear.

Other components may last much longer, at least 3-10 years, yet will still require eventual replacement. These include but are not limited to cassettes, chainrings, derailleurs, shifters, grips, batteries, bearings on any moving part, or hydraulic brake lines, levers and calipers.

Finally, many components may be expected to last a full 10-25 years with proper maintenance, such as wheels, motors, controllers, wiring, fork, handlebars, stem, pedals and cranks, racks, and cargo area accessories like the sidecar, cargo box or flat deck platform.

What about wear and tear?

Our Guarantee does not apply to the slow wear and tear that bike components are subject to over their practical lifespan. Some examples of this wear and tear are the bearings in your hubs and bottom bracket, worn chainring or cassette teeth, visible dings or scratches on the bike or components, and tire tread or handlebar grip wear. If your parts are scratched up and still function as intended, keep riding! You are helping reduce waste every day you do.

We also don’t cover damage due to improper installation or repairs. We fully support and encourage you to repair your own gear, however please only do so once you have the proper tools, skills and background knowledge, all of which you can find at your local bike shop and, with time, through our maintenance guides.

What if I got my Sartee Bike secondhand?

While we will always make it our goal to support you with any repair or claim, our Guarantee only extends to the original owner.

That being said, we want to help keep your bike on the road as long as possible. Please reach out to us for repair advice, replacement parts and service locations.

What do I do when my battery looses capacity? Is that covered?

Our Li-Ion batteries should, under normal conditions, only loose about 20% capacity after 500 discharge cycles. This reduction in capacity is normal wear and tear and not specifically covered under warranty.

You might know this already, but all batteries eventually loose capacity and will need to be recycled and replaced. This is a major logistical problem in the industry, one that is not yet being adequately addressed. Our responsibility as a company is to use a battery that will last as long as possible so that it does not need to be replaced prematurely.

To do this, we’ve spec’d a battery that is, on average, 80% higher capacity than our competitors. This does mean a higher environmental cost upfront for our packs, but we feel is fairly balanced by the utility of increased range and not needing to replace it as soon as the capacity begins to decline. We urge you to use your battery until the very end of it’s usable life and then contact us at support@sartee.com for instructions on where to recycle.