need  a  LIFT?

Delivered in 9 weeks

From $7,999 USD

Jumpseat For Two

Five-point harnesses and padded seats are perfect for your passengers. Or fold the seat up and carry all sorts of cargo.

See And Be Seen

1900 lumen motorcycle-intensity headlight with high/low beams makes late-night commutes as safe as possible.

80% More Range

We design batteries that last almost twice as long as competitors. Say goodbye to range anxiety!

Throttle Mode!

The first of its kind, comes standard with a throttle! That means safer starts in traffic and on hills. Once you try it, you won't look at any other cargo bike the same way again!

Regen Ready

Our Vancouver-made motor boasts regenerative braking, bringing the LIFT into a league of its own.

Steers Like a Regular Bike

With almost twice the steering range of other cargo bikes, our internal aircraft cable steering will keep those turns tight!

Designed For The Real World

Most others put their steering linkage in the most exposed area of the bike. We sweat the small stuff, like a completely smooth frame underbelly that can take hits and keep on rolling.

Radical Transparency

We strive for complete transparency in our supply chain. Most bike companies rebrand components from their manufacturer’s catalog, essentially tagging it as their own design.

Everything we don’t design in-house has been carefully selected from our component manufacturers in the world’s bike capital of Taiwan. 

Sartée Bikes gives complete credit to our manufacturing partners for everyone’s benefit. Click on the links below to learn more about the company that makes it possible for us to ride.



4130 Chromoly rear triangle, two-coat solid powder paint

Anodized weld-free main frame with replaceable members


SUNTOUR Mobie A32 Suspension Fork, 50mm travel, coil shock, 100x15mm front axle

Bottom Bracket

SUMART PF92 Press-Fit Bottom Bracket, 24mm Chromoly spindle

Seat Post Clamp

MJ CYCLE MSP-266 Seat Post Clamp, 34.9mm clamp diameter with quick-adjust lever

Fork Headset

SUMART ZS44/28.6 and EC44/40 Headset, sealed cartridge bearings, CNC cups, top cover, clamp rings and crown race

Steerer Headset

NECO ZS44/28.6 and ZS44/30.0 Zero Stack Headset, sealed cartridge bearings and CNC machined top cover



MICROSHIFT Advent Rear Derailleur, 9-speed, medium cage, toggle clutch

Shifter Lever

MICROSHIFT Advent Trail Trigger Shifter, 9-speed, rapid downshift, internal cartridge bearings


MICROSHIFT Advent H Series Cassette, 9-speed, 11-46 tooth, black, 11-13-15-18-21-24-30-37-46 spacing


KMC X9 EPT 9-Speed Chain, 146-link, anti-rust coating


SUMART 38-Tooth Chainring, 7075-T6, narrow wide profile, 104BCD



MJ CYCLE TB-002 Stem, 40mm reach, 31.8mm clamp stem by MJ Cycle


MJ CYCLE TR-04 Handlebars, 700mm wide, 31.8mm clamp diameter, 29 degree back sweep comfort touring bars

Seat Post

MJ CYCLE MSP-266 Seat Post, 400mm long, 31.6mm OD, 20mm setback, single bolt


SCADA B709D Wide Platform Pedals, resin 113x114mm platform, replaceable pins, sealed cartridge bearing and LSL bushing


VELO Duracork Grips, single lock, black


VELO VL-3517 Plush Foam Saddle, integrated carry handle



TEKTRO HD-E540 Auriga 2-Piston Hydraulic Calipers, long-wearing pads, 2700mm front hose, 1850mm rear hose


TEKTRO HD-E540 Auriga E-bike Levers, throttle safety cutoff


TEKTRO TR180-17 Rotors, 180mm diameter, 2.3mm extra-wide discs

Front Wheel


SUMART MHF-15 Front Hub, 100x15mm axle, 6-bolt rotor, 32-hole


SCHWALBE 20”x2.35” Pick-Up Tire, super defense puncture-resistant casing, reflective stripe


SUMART RM20E 20” Rim, ISO406, tubeless ready, 30mm inner width, 32h, eyelets, Presta (FV)


M15x1.5mm thru axle, 134mm long, 6mm hex

Spokes / Nipples

13ga black stainless steel / 14mm black brass nipples

Rear Wheel

Hub (electric)

GRIN TECH Direct Drive Rear Hub Motor, 1500W peak output, 148x12mm thru axle, spline torque arm, 6-bolt rotor, 32-hole, Shimano freehub

Hub (pedal)

SUMART M6HR-148 Rear Hub, 148x12mm thru axle, 6-bolt rotor, 32-hole, Shimano freehub


SCHWALBE 24”x2.35” Pick-Up Tire, super defense puncture-resistant casing, reflective stripe


SUMART RM24E 24” Rim, ISO507, tubeless ready, 30mm inner width, 32h, eyelets, Presta (FV)


M12x1.0mm thru axle, 180mm long, 6mm hex

Spokes / Nipples

13ga black stainless steel / 14mm black brass nipples

Electric Kit

Motor Controller

GRIN TECH Baserunner, field oriented motor controller


48V 19Ah GRIN TECH Battery, large format 21700 cells, 912Wh capacity, 40A BMS


GRIN TECH Throttle, high-durability casing, HIGO connector

S120 PICKUP bike top view
S120 Cargo bike geometry chart, side view and top view, length,width,height of bicycle

Geometry Chart

We pride ourselves on striking the right balance between ridiculous cargo capacity and nimble handling. There has never been a more capable bike on two wheels.

Designed to comfortably fit riders between 5’0″ and 6’6″.

S120 Cargo bike geometry chart, side view and top view, length,width,height of bicycle

Born in the mountains,

built for the city

Made in Pemberton, Canada

Highway 99, lovingly known as the Sea to Sky, connects us to the thriving urban centre of Vancouver, BC. We’d love to see you if you’re nearby!


What are you doing to combat climate change?

Sartée Bikes is committed to building bikes that last for generations to come and we want the people riding our bikes then to live in a world that is safer, cleaner and more sustainable than the one we live in now. To achieve these parallel goals we are taking the following actions right now…

Build the best bicycles possible

We feel the best way to reduce our impact on the environment is to build bikes that have no reason to ever be replaced. This means using materials and hardware that will not deteriorate over time, as well as designing our frames and in-house components with a priority on durability over weight and quality over profit margin.

Understand our impact on the environment

The gold standard diagnostic tool for a company understanding the impact of its products is a detailed life cycle analysis (LCA). This tool takes into account the carbon footprint of all stages of a product life cycle, from raw material extraction and manufacturing, to distribution, customer use, and disposal or recycling. When done correctly and thoroughly, these analyses tend to be very expensive to implement but provide invaluable baselines from which a company can measure improvements over time.

Sartée Bikes is not yet at the point where a detailed LCA makes financial or practical sense to implement. As a young company, there are just too many variables still at play throughout our supply chain to justify such a detailed evaluation. That being said, we are committed to radical transparency from day one, and to that end we have begun the process of cataloging the amounts and sources of each of the major materials used in our Pickup Bikes.

We are also committed to complete supplier transparency, something that is not typical in the bike industry as a whole. For every component and major part of the Pickup, we have provided company names and even links to the exact parts that are sourced, information that can be found here. We hope that by providing this information to our customers and the general public, we will encourage other companies to do the same, allowing for a stronger connection between end customers and makers of the goods we all use.

Finally, starting from year one, we plan to commit 1% of our annual sales to organizations who focus on restoring the natural environment and build community, both locally and globally. More specifically, we will direct our contributions towards non profit organizations which restore natural habitats that have been negatively impacted by raw material extraction as well as recycle and repurpose unused and end-of-life bike components like batteries, parts, tires and frames.

You say your bikes are made in Canada, what does that mean?

What does it mean to be made somewhere? Our bikes, and all bikes really, aren’t simply made. Their frames are hand built by real people all over the world, extruders, tube benders, welders, anodizers and painters. Their components are sourced from one of hundreds of suppliers across Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Japan, Europe and USA. This article from Vernon Felton at Pinkbike offers an amazing view into the bike-building industry.

Right now, our bikes are fully assembled at our headquarters in Pemberton, Canada. The main reason we do this is to maintain as much flexibility during the early days of our company. If a part or process isn’t working for us, we have the ability to change it immediately, from one bike to the very next. As many of these variables begin to stabilize, we will consider moving them up the supply chain if it helps us focus on the most important quality issues here at home.

Final assembly, test and pack-out (FATP) is only one of many steps in the process towards making a complete bike. We source about 90% of our mechanical components from vendors in Taiwan and the remaining ones from China. Our front-frame is assembled from raw aluminum extrusion and CNC billet machined aluminum blocks from our partners in China, then anodized and sent on a container ship to Pemberton for final assembly. Our rear triangle is hand-welded and powder coated in Montreal, Quebec and sent to us here as well.

From assembly of the smallest components to welding the final frame, our vendors, welders and staff work hard to bring the elements of a complete bike together. We would like to highlight their stories here, both to say thank you for the hard work, and so you know the monumental effort that goes into each and every one of our bikes.

Can I order the LIFT without a motor? Do I even need a motor?

You can (and should consider) buying the LIFT without a motor.

One of the most important things for us as a bike company is to sell only what is needed and nothing more. Up until five years ago, nearly all bikes sold were non-electric and were relied on for business and personal use. Clearly, there are advantages to having a motor-assisted platform, but there are many circumstances in which it’s likely more trouble than it’s worth. A perfect example is in our hometown of Pemberton, BC.

Pemberton is a small farming community on a floodplain in the Coast Mountains. Despite having hundreds of snow-capped peaks in every direction, it is pancake-flat and sits 600’ above sea level. The village is centrally planned and small, with most things a 5-10 minute bike ride away. So if one of my friends asked me if they need an ebike in Pemberton, I usually recommend against it or at least ask them to consider why they think they need one.

Electric bikes use lithium batteries made from raw material harvested in open-pit mines in Australia, Chile and China. Motors use large quantities of rare-earth metals and copper and have a lifespan after which they will eventually need to be recycled. And motor/power systems add weight and significant expense to the final price of ours, and everyone else’s bikes. If there isn’t a clear need for a motor (or a clear purpose for buying our bike in general), we think you should reconsider.

That being said, we recognize that circumstances change and want to make it as easy as possible to retrofit our bikes with motor kits down the line. We offer electric conversion kits for the same price difference between our electric and pedal version and give you clear instructions for you or a bike shop to make the conversion. If you can test-ride our bike before buying, we encourage you to try it without electric-assist to see if pedal-only is right for you.

Why do you use a hub motor, aren’t they less powerful?

Most are, but not ours!

Our hub-mounted direct drive motor is one of the most powerful you can find and is designed specifically for high-torque applications, 85Nm, to be exact. Combined with our high-power motor controller, our made-in-Canada drivetrain will pump out up to 1300W at the wheel when needed, nearly 2 horsepower!

One of our core values is that bikes should be easy to repair by anyone. Most other front-loading electric bikes fall short on this principle by using a proprietary mid-drive motor locked to a particular manufacturer (Shimano STePS, Bosch, etc.). When this motor breaks, you’ll have to hope the company is still supporting repairs, and if they aren’t, you’ll be stuck pedaling a heavy gearbox around and looking for a replacement bike.

Finally, our bike is one of the only cargo bikes with regenerative motor braking, increasing both your range and the life of your brake pads. This is simply not possible with a mid-drive motor. When the brake lever is pulled, our controller engages regenerative braking before the hydraulic system engages to slow the bike down smoothly and top up the battery at the same time.

Can the LIFT be left outside? What about rain?

We’ve designed the LIFT to be left outside and in the rain, although consider  the following when doing so.

  1. Chains rust, even ours with KMC’s Eco-Protect finish. If you leave it out for several days in a humid environment or out in the rain, you may eventually notice a layer of surface rust develop on the chain. This is ok and the bike is usually perfectly rideable. A quick wipe with a dry cloth and a chain lubricant will get things moving again.

What can I do to deter or prevent theft?

People steal bikes, even when the most conservative measures are taken to prevent it. Usually theft is opportunistic, so we recommend taking a couple easy measures to make thieves think twice about taking your bike for a joy ride.

  1. Use a reputable chain lock (cables can easily be cut with cable cutters or grinders) and thread it through the rear wheel and steel rear triangle.
  2. If you’re leaving the bike a little longer, consider locking both the front and rear wheels together and to a bike rack. While just as difficult to break into, thieves will probably pass on your bike because it would be a PITA to cart away.
  3. Finally, we recommend storing the bike inside whenever possible to fully eliminate the chance of theft.

I want to use the LIFT for business. Can I order a custom length or alternate specifications?

Yes, absolutely!

The BIG LIFT has been designed to be fully customizable for clients that have specific needs outside of the normal geometry of our bike. Wheelbase may be sourced longer or shorter as needed, and we can work with you on custom accessories for the cargo bay, from a large-volume delivery container to a mobile business platform. Please reach out to us to discuss how we can help you.